WebDU 2006 intro animations

More Nectarine animation


These are the two animations we produced for the fantastic WebDU 2006 conference.

After the success of our 2005 conference animations, Minty was asked what Nectarine was doing for 2006. He made the fatal mistake of answering "something bigger and better" and being caught on camera. Thus came the inspiration...

These animations partly build on earlier characters that we created for the 2005 conference, and the Macromedia (now Adobe!) MAX 2006 conference to highlight the new features of Flash 8. You can also see more animation here.

Music and sound effects are done by the very talented Matthew Harris from Sonify.

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WebDU 2006 DAY 1

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In the year of the Adobe-Macromedia merger the Nectarine team desperately tries to come up with a concept for the new intro animations. 'This year will be bigger and better' were their famous last words...

WebDU 2006 DAY 2

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WebDU 2006

(Due to the amount of animation and the sound quality the files are over 1MB).